Development, Strategy and Integration

of software systems

Light organization, fast thinking, concrete solutions.
For any project, no matter how big and complex.


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We offer depth and breadth of expertise, writing software in a wide variety of languages and platforms, particularly for web-based and cloud architectures. We work in .NET, Java/J2ee, Windows and Linux/Unix systems, Azure and AWS.

Our team has years of experience integrating and developing applications for digital convergence: Voice and Video over IP, interactive television, voice portals, and videoconferencing. The fulcrum of successful projects such as Voicebeat, Spotvisor and 118Albania.

We think digital choices are key to boosting and upholding the strategic vision of a company.

Cultivating open and long-term relationships with customers means sharing their big-picture vision and assisting them with technology decisions.

To integrate information technology and software with their business strategies

We select the best platforms and applications and get them to interoperate, in line with the company’s needs.

Cloud applications, integrations with open-source components, and improvement of legacy systems are all poweful tools for meeting objectives at an affordable cost.



We stay at our customers’ side through the introduction and use of IT tools, at every level. From strategic consulting to day-to-day reliability. We can help with configuring and using open source tools, adopting best practices for office automation, or setting up networks and systems for remote and virtual work.

About Fedro

Our organization is lightweight by choice.

We closely follow every project and build authentic relationships with customers. Expertise and curiosity are coded into us.

We have over 20 years of experience working with major Italian and foreign companies, developing products that have reached millions of users. From Netfax for Tiscali to Messenger for Microsoft Web TV. We are ready to design high performance systems for everyone.

Because being small allows us to think big.

Our core team


Leonardo Jervis

Founder & CEO

More than 20 years of experience as a software analyst, developer and manager. Working with major multinationals, in Italy and abroad, he has acquired the ability to integrate software development with strategic consulting. His specialty is translating customers’ needs into concrete solutions. His childhood passion was Lego bricks, and he still plays with them as an adult. But now he also likes to creatively put technologies together, to build intelligent and functional systems.


Simone Medas

Software Wizard

In writing software within complex systems, Simone unites lateral thinking with a solid knowledge of the technologies. A skill which he developed thanks to 15-plus years of experience with mobile, web apps and middleware for communication servers. He eats Rest, Json, Angular, C# and Java for breakfast, lunch (and sometimes even dinner…)


Simone Bizzarri

Uber Sysadmin & Troubleshooter

For Simone, getting a network up and running is an art that calls for mental agility and minute attention to detail. After working in this field for more than 15 years, he can get IP-packets to destination no matter what. Virtualized systems, in-house or cloud-based, and QoS over VPN are his favourite challenges, whether on Azure, AWS, Cisco, Fortinet … or in morse code.


A representative selection of what we do.

From the website of a New York bakery to the digital platform for the 118 Albania emergency number. Wide-ranging projects, and ever-fresh challenges.

  • Spotvisor

  • 118 Albania

  • Voicebeat

  • Quality Group

  • Kirsh

  • Frem Group


The challenge


Create an automated system to recognize, collect and archive the avertising spots run on TV and the web.


The idea


The system assembles various technological components (for tuning, recognizing, digitizing and archiving) according to a modular logic. Modules for scanning satellite TV, digital terrestrial TV and on-line video are activated as needed: the result is a complete and exhaustive collection of ads.


The difference


A self-service platform that is entirely web based, for companies and agencies that want to take the pulse of advertising output. A system usable by anyone, for a transparent and direct overview.

118 Albania

The challenge


Guarantee reliability and continuity of service for Albania’s national emergency-services number, and ensure traceability of its contacts and interventions.


The idea


A custom computer telephony, system, that integrates telephone communication flows with the rigorous procedures for managing the service’s emergencies. The platform also incorporates disaster recovery functions and hardware and software redundancy.


The difference


Deployment of a complex telephony infrastructure to serve an entire nation, that guarantees maximum security and efficiency performance at a competitive cost.


The challenge


Construct a platform for managing all conversation and information flows, both internal and external. A secure and flexible core system, customizable in every detail to meet the diverse needs of public or private users.


The idea


Thanks to a tried-and-tested open source software for the core functionality, and cutting-edge tech for middleware and the application layer, Voicebeat brings together all data and communication flows: telephone, fax, email, web, chat, and remote locations.


The difference


Voicebeat combines the reliability of a solid and powerful technology—with hundreds of thousands of installations—with the flexibility of the latests innovations. And it unites security, vital for the delicate mechanisms of enterprise communications, to the optimization of data and conversation flows.

Quality Group

The challenge


Quality Group is a B2B tour operator. A large part of its business arises from contacts and transactions with customers over the telephone. The existing telephone system, expensive and obsolete, badly needed to be modernized with a smart communication platform integrated with the company’s CRM.


The idea


Customize the Voicebeat system to integrate it with the company’s CRM and organizational structure. In this way, every single contact with potential or aquired customers is accurately monitored and tracked.


The difference


A platform tailored to the specific business needs of the company, at a competitive cost.


The challenge


Communicate the distinctive character of Kirsch, a trendy New York bakery that turns out fresh bread 24h a day, through a dynamic and spectacular website.


The idea


A single-page application that features multiple interactive components, built using vector graphics and client-side programming. The result is original and dynamic effects: from the background that changes over time from day to night, to the 360° rotation of visual elements, to the live weather updates and twitter feeds.


The difference


An interactive aesthetic that is off the beaten track, but highly responsive on any device, thanks to the use of client-side technology.

Frem Group

The challenge


Optimize the company’s production workflow by digitizing the preparation of machining plans. This was the last remaining manual operation in an otherwise highly-automated industrial process.


The idea


Integrate specific recognition algorithms into the AutoCAD software that the company uses to develop the working drawings sent to production.


The difference


The new automation technology fits fluidly into the pre-existing process, improving its efficiency without any reorganizational impact. The algorithm and UI for CAM extract the inputs for CNC machining directly from the file of the working drawing.


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